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Buying flags is an important part of society in most countries. The countries flag is a symbol of the sovereign state and describes the countries culture and history. Some flags are easily recognisable and immediately let you know which country they represent. Others aren't so well known, but are still important.

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Some flags aren't for countries at all. Some US states have their own flag for example. And some are for sports or teams within a sport. The humble flag is an important part of the world and you can buy all sorts of flags right here!

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Not all flags are made to represent a country. People buy flags for other reasons too. Sports flags are another great product.

You can buy them to wave in the crowd or just to support your team at home.

What is a Flag?

When you are buying a flag online you might not actually know what the purpose of a flag is....Or even what one is at all! A flag is simply a piece of fabric that hangs from a pole. It has a unique design on it that represents something, usually a country but sometimes something else.

As well as countries, they have become popular with sports fans as a way of identifying themselves as fans of a particular team or country. They were originally used in war situations so that people could identify which side of the war you sat on, essentially to stop people killing the wrong people.

A countries flag usually has more meaning to it than just a pattern and lots of colors. These meanings can be found in each section above.